April Garrett, MA. Ed. founded April Garrett's Educational Services in 1995. The company offers private, at-home, one-on-one instruction of kindergarten through twelfth grade students throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. April Garrett closely supervises a staff of graduates and post-graduates from top universities including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Brown, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. Tutors are available seven days a week - mornings, afternoons, and evenings. The quality of our staff assures a successful educational experience to students with a wide range of learning abilities and styles. 

Our programs include Tutoring in all subjects at all grade levels through Advanced Placement; SAT I Preparation for high school juniors and seniors; SAT II Preparation in all subjects; ISEE PreparationHome Schooling, and Guidance in the Private School and University Application Process. 

To ensure that every student is learning and progressing in the most familiar and comfortable environment, all of our instruction is conducted in the student's home at the convenience of both the student and parents. This also facilitates prompt, open, and effective communication among parents, tutors, and April Garrett.

We work in association with college counselors, school placement experts, child psychologists, and educational psychologists. This enables us to quickly and effectively attend to all the needs any given student may have. Upon parental request, April Garrett can also be in contact with school administrators, counselors, and teachers.

April Garrett, M.A., Ed., is a graduate of Brown University with a B.A. in English and American Literature, a minor in Child Development, and a Masters in Education. Her teaching experience includes elementary school at Pasadena's innovative Pacific Oaks; 6th through 8th grades at Hunter College High School for the Gifted in New York City; and 9th through 12th grades at both Beverly Hills High School and Washington Prep. The latter is the nationally-recognized inner-city magnet school in South Central Los Angeles at which April Garrett was awarded "Teacher of the Year." 

In 1995, she established April Garrett's Educational Services to provide comprehensive, personalized programs for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Today, after more than twenty years as the Director of her own company, she has never allowed her administrative responsibilities to distance her from her primary role as a teacher of children and a guide to their parents. 

April Garrett M.A. Ed.

April Garrett M.A. Ed.

April Garrett is a frequent guest lecturer for elementary, middle, and high school parent associations and is often invited to lead college-based parenting classes on issues including the impact of test-taking anxiety on school performance, the battle over homework, time management, college applications, and preparation for the SAT.

April Garrett's approach to education is predicated on a few simple and logical principles. 

  • Each student is unique. The most effective teaching is honed to the specific learning style and personality of each student. 

  • Consistent, concentrated, personalized, one-on-one instruction is significantly more effective than classroom or small group instruction when a student is having difficulty with a school subject.
  • When a student is experiencing even moderate difficulty with a subject, early intervention is the key to cultivating student confidence and independence. 
  • Failure to intervene quickly often results in feelings of academic and psychological inadequacy, aversion to a given subject or school in general, chronically low grades, and/or poor behavior. 
  • Students learn best and enjoy the process the most with enthusiastic, sensitive instructors to whom they can relate. 
  • Poor performance in school is rarely a product of laziness. In her twenty-five years as an educator, April Garrett has yet to meet a genuinely lazy child. Outwardly uncooperative behavior is an expression of internal or environmental problems such as unidentified learning disabilities, emotional issues, frightening or ineffective teachers, and uncomfortable social circumstances at school. Addressing these underlying causes will transform a reluctant, under-achieving student into an enthusiastic accomplished one.