The SAT 

Our one-on-one program prepares students for the SAT I on three essential levels: intellectual, strategic, and psychological. Our program, designed by April Garrett,  is conducted in the student's home at his/her convenience. Instructors are available seven days a week - mornings, afternoons or evenings. Students will receive two comprehensive manuals, one critical reading/writing and one math. The manuals include detailed discussion of test-taking strategies, psychological preparation, step-by-step instruction for every kind of exercise on the SAT, and reinforcing practice drills. Diagnostic exams, all real SAT tests published by the College Board, are administered and reviewed in their entirety over the course of our 10, 14, and 20 session programs.


We prepare students for SAT II tests in all subjects at all levels through the administration of actual SAT II exams and the use of supplementary materials specific to the needs of each student. We use this approach rather than a one-size-fits-all approach because, unlike the SAT I, the SAT IIs are subject specific. In other words, the majority of students have studied anywhere between one and three years of the subject prior to taking the SAT II, so they have mastered most of the material. Time and efficacy are of the essence. Therefore, we focus each one-on-one session on the skills that an individual student needs to improve rather than on the broad subject. 


This course is also a one-on-one program and is tailored to the individual needs of each student. Sessions are conducted in the student's home at his/her convenience. Course work includes verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, essay composition, quantitative reasoning and mathematics achievement for students at each of the three test levels: lower (candidates for grades 5 and 6), middle (candidates for grades 7 and 8), and upper (candidates for grades 9-12). Instructors remediate areas of weakness, reinforce areas of strength and fine-tune test-taking skills through drills and practice tests designed by the Educational Records Bureau, publishers of the ISEE. We also provide effective methods for dealing with the anxiety that can be an obstacle to even the brightest student's performance on the test. Additionally, we prepare students for their interviews with private school administrators.