Home Schooling

April Garrett's Educational Services offers one-on-one, K through 12, fully accredited home schooling for students who need scheduling flexibility, more personalized attention, and/or a fresh start. Our program is accepted by national universities including University of California and the Ivy League. Ideal for professional minors, competitive athletes, students transitioning from one school to another, and students who would like to complete or repeat an academic year in six months. Our instructors meet one-on-one with students at whatever location is most convenient for the students - at home or on location. 

Academic Management 

This program is designed for students whose disorganization sabotages not only their grades but their peace of mind and that of their families. These are the students who do their homework but don't turn it in; who fully grasp the subject matter and even excel in it but forget to study for tests or to do assigned work; whose backpacks are crammed with crumpled papers, broken pencils, and half-eaten sandwiches. In addition to providing any necessary academic tutoring, our instructors teach methods of organization customized to accommodate the unique needs of each student; monitor each student's assigned work, assuring that all work is submitted on time; and collaborate with parents, teachers, and administrators in a coordinated program by which work is successfully completed and turned in. 

Reading Support

The rule of thumb is that children learn to read from kindergarten through second grade and read to learn from third grade on. In other words, by the time your child is eight years old, the academic curriculum requires fundamental reading mastery. As a result, a child who struggles with reading is at risk of falling behind in school. This has far-reaching consequences, most of which early reading intervention can prevent. Our Reading Support Program employs the best reading methods and educational games to create an effective and fun learning experience that gives children the confidence they need to succeed in school.